Bessemer Veterans Memorial Building - "City Hall"

The "Jewel of the UP"

This grand building, standing proudly at the top of Sophie Street, was desinged by N. Albert Nelson of Ironwood, a Swedish immigrant. The building is built in a free and florid vernacular interpretation of the neo-Tudor style. A broad center gable with half timberings laid vertically and filled in with stucco embraces the small battered gable containing the main double door. An oriel window also graces the front. The glass block windows are a modern touch

The Bessemer Veterans Memorial Building, better known as City Hall, contains the city offices, an auditorium with stage an balcony, public library and fire hall. Initial work to build the new city hall at the south end of Sophie Street began in 1934 under the Civil Works Administration (CWA), a government program. The community was expected to have no cost to them. By 1936, it was unfinished and had already cost local taxpayers $26,755. Construction continued under the Federal Emergency Relief Administration (FERA), and then the Works Progress Administration (WPA) agreed to finish the project but needed $25,000 more, as well as well as $15,000 to furnish and landscape. After the interior was completed, the final cost including federal grants was $100,768.71. The city offices moved to its present location in early 1937. A few months later, the fire department moved all its equipment to the new city hall.

This "Jewel of the UP" has stood proudly through the mining and lumbering boom years for seventy plus years. Bessemer's "Jewel" will continue to grace our community for many more decades because, like its people, it's a strong and enduring structure. Please visit the building and marvel at its beautiful terrazzo floors and spectacular trophies and memorabilia displayed inside.